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To provide the best and the widest range of Stationery – Office – Art and Craft Supplies, while offering the best in-store shopping experience and also to revolutionize the online space for stationery needs.


Like all good stories, ours starts a couple of years post our hard-fought independence. Long before Kerala became a state. And Thiruvananthapuram became a thriving capital. Much before ballpoint pens and diaries became everyday essentials.

The year was 1950. At Ayurveda College junction, there was a little store selling soap, powder and general merchandise. It wasn’t doing as expected, and the owner was looking to hand over the space and move on.

Along came an intrepid young man, Shri Ananthaswamy. The first son in a small, middle-class family, he was running a handicrafts business. As soon as he looked at the shop, he realized this is exactly what he had in mind. New government establishments and independent businesses were being set up in the newly formed city and they all needed supplies: paper, pens & ink, accounts books, receipts and more… The location was ideal to catch the attention of passing crowds, daily increasing as the capital city was buzzing with life.

So, he decided to own the shop and set up Premier Office Equipment Co. It was barely a 100 sq.ft. in size and could accommodate just 3 customers at a time. But his hunch paid off and the customers kept flowing like the ink in a pen. In this, he was ably assisted by Shri. Govinda Pillai and Shri. Krishnan Kutty, the first two employees of Premier who played a big role in the brand’s success story.

Today, after 71 years and counting…

Our expansive stores in M G Road and Kesavadasapuram have become the
one-stop-shop for all your stationey needs.

  • Writing Materials

    pens & pencils, markers & highlighters, diaries, journals & notepads.

  • School/College Essentials

    notebooks, exam pads, pencil cases, files & folders, organizers, calculators, electronics, engineering needs, bags, bottles, umbrellas & raincoats

  • Art Materials

    Paints, brushes, artist paper, canvasses, easels, craft paper rolls & more

  • Craft Materials

    Everything from calligraphy and quilling to candle-making and decoupage

  • Office Supplies

    Stationery, account books, files & folders, letter pads, diaries, printer paper, punch, shredder, lamination machines, cartridge refills and more

We constantly thrive on delivering quality products to our customers. Be it a professional or a child, we don’t take anyone for granted. We have managed to bring the widest assortment of stationery under one roof.

If in case, you don’t find what you are looking for, we will find a way to arrange it for you.

Welcome to the
ALL-IN-ONE Stationery Store.